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What is yantra

Yantra Token

Taking DeFi to the next level, Yantra is bringing the traditional finance methodology to the decentralized economy with the help of blockchain technology. The aim for creating the Yantra is to transfer banking-level finance to the mainstream in decentralized finance.

YANTRA is a BEP-20 token integrated on Binance Smart Chain. The YANTRA token powers the Yatra project. Being the native token of the Yantra project, YATNRA has several use cases including staking, payment option, Yantra official merch & packages as well as to pay on different platforms that are in collaboration with Yantra project.

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Our Great Features

We have built Yantra with our keen interest in providing a well organised ecosystem for the decentralised finance

Open Source

Yantra is fully open source, built by leading software engineers and highly qualified developers experienced in building innovative applications on top of leading blockchains.

Wide Utilization

Yantra has wide range of utility starting from sending-receiving payments, useful for remittance, cross-border transactions and much more.

User Friendly

Easy to use structure that every non-technical person could adapt without any hesitation. Users are not required to have technical background to connect with Yantra.

Yantra Trading Features

Yantra Exchange has a variety of products such as crypto-assets trading, crypto derivatives, OTC transactions, contract transactions, credit card purchases, etc. to provide users the safest, most efficient, and professional digital asset trading & investment services.

Safe & Secure

Secured and insured by the industry’s leading asset security providers

Nearly Zero Fee

None or almost zero taker & maker fees while trading on selected assets

Accessible Everywhere

Available on the web as well as with Windows, Android & iOS application on mobile

Easy Fiat Withdrawal

Withdraw your crypto assets and fiat with easy processes through secured payment gateways

Diversified Trading Products

Along with spot trading, Yantra offers derivatives, OTC and peer-to-peer transactions

Available Globally

Yantra exchange is available globally meaning that everyone can have access from anywhere



Join us to complete this amazing journey!

Nov - 21

  • Conceptualization
  • Ideation of Project
  • Website, Token & Smart Contract Development
  • Set up of Team

March - 2022

  • Smart Contract Verification
  • Marketing Team Setup
  • Community Built up by Social Media
  • Social Media Presence & Press Release
  • Release of White Paper
  • Smart Contract Auditing
  • ICO on DEX like Tremendous Swap

Apr - 2022

List on DEX like Tremendous Swap

May - 2022

  • List on CEX like SMDEX
  • Staking Program Launch
  • List on CoinMarketCap
  • List on CoinGecko

After - 2022

  • Launch our own Exchange
  • Launch NFT Program
  • Develop our own Blockchain
  • Metaverse Project Startup
  • Launch our own Wallet
  • Launch our own DEX


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